Inlove With The Curves

First time to write here but I’ve always tried to write unfinished stories before so I hope this will turn out to be a good one. My stories will be more on fantasies with a dash of reality to really emit the feel I want to convey.

Intro to the Characters of the story.

Jay, a 20 year old college student, 5’9″, just your average sporty guy, buff looking although he doesnt go to the gym, also good in his academics. He’s into ladies with the right amount of curves, something you might call on the borderline chubby but healthy.

Lian, an 18 year old college student as well, 5’3″ in height, cute chubby face, curvy body and beautiful long curly hair. She’s a not so innocent young lady who’s always been satisfying herself alone until she met Jay.

“Asan ka na?” asked Lian on a text message she sent to Jay. Heart thumping as she nervously waited for him. Today might just be the day she finally have a cock inside her. Her looks really hides the fact that she’s almost horny everyday and most of the time she masturbates to sleep. Pacing along their house’s living room, feeling anxious she heard that all too familiar ping of her phone as it received a message from Jay that he was near. Her parents were out, her aunt was out, she has the house for herself and luckily there was no classes for them both. They’ve really wanted to have a chance to do it for real this time cause it was always an SOP most of the time, and now that an opportunity presented itself they’ve finally agreed to grab it.

A knock on their door jolted Lian to her senses. She quickly opened the door and there stood Jay smiling with a bit of sweat visible on his face, sexual tension already emenating from him. She quickly let him in but Lian didn’t expect what came next. Jay unloading his pentup desire grabbed her by the waist and gave her longing kiss on the lips, pushing her aback against the wall beside the door. “mmmmm” a soft moan escaped Lian’s lips against Jay’s but she pushed him off. “Bukas pa iyong pinto loko” she said chuckling as she closed and locked the door behind her. She faced him again and gave Jay a seductive smile. “Tara na ba sa kwarto?” to which Jay replied with “Tara” enthusiastically. She then led him upstairs to her room hurriedly, anxious for what’s to come up next.

Jay was already stripping as he entered Lian’s room, off his long sleeves went and next was his shirt. Lian bit her lips when she turned around and saw that Jay was half naked already, she felt herself get moist down there and started to take her clothes of as well, she felt shy as Jay sat on her bed watching her as she was now only her bra and panties. He pulled him to her and their lips met in a frenzy of wet sloppy kisses. Lian’s hands automatically went to Jay’s pants and unzipping it, she can already feel the bulge on him and god he was big. She cupped his cock, their lips still locked in a passionate intermingling, tongues wrestling all the while. Jay moaned against Lian’s lips as he felt himself ooze some precum wetting his boxers which is now being tugged off. “Ang bango mo babe” Jay says as he leaned down to suck on Lian’s neck. His cock now being rubbed up and down, he grinded it on her exposed belly, smearing some of his precum on her soft skin.

They continued to explore each other’s skin for awhile and it was Jay who couldn’t hold himself anymore, he needed to be inside of her now. He tore himself from their sloppy kiss and pulled off Lian’s satin purple panties and breathed her scent. “Shit, ang sarap at ang bango talaga babe” he muttered as he positioned himself between the young ladies soft curvy legs. They locked on to each other’s eyes, both their hearts thumping wildly, the moment both has been waiting for is no happening. Lian can’t help herself but shudder as Jay rubbed his huge cock head along her very wet pussy lips. Precum and her wetness mixing as Jay dips it now and then on her opening teasing her as she moaned and writhed below him. He slowly leaned forward, remembering that it was Lian’s first time, he took time holding and guiding his cock forward inside her but she was so tight for fucks sake. Lian was whimpering and moaning sexily waiting for that thickness to enter her but…