Mina – Desires Unravelled (Part 2)

This is a first-person POV story of the main character who exists in real life (whether she is here in FSS or not, will never be confirmed or denied without her prior authorization) but with an imagined storyline here.

Any similiarity of the said narration to persons, situations and conversations are unintentional and strictly coincidental.


Mina – Desires Unravelled (Part 2)

“Sige pa, uhhhhhmm, ahhhh! Ang sarap ng ginagawa nyo, sa kin,” ang nasabi ko na lang sa 2 guys na nasa sorority initiation ko.

“Oh man, I must be doing something nasty to this bitch. She gone talkin’ like crazy” narinig kong sabi ni Malcolm. “Hey Mina, I’ll lick and suck your clit right here” dagdag pa niya. “Oh shit, Malcolm, uhhhhh ohhhh, please don’t stop,” hiling ko.

“There is only one way for you to keep feelin’ that bitch,” sabi pa ni Derrick na kanina pa parang nagaabang. “Yes, please! I will do anything, uhhhhmmm, ahhhhh, what is that tongue doing to my butt hole now?” tanong ko. “That is what you’ll get to feel more of after we pound our cocks into your wet pussy and ass,” sabi pa nya na may kasamang pagnanasa.

(Cell phone ringing)

“Oh, hi Mom and Dad,” sabi ko when I answered the incoming video call. “Bubbles dear, Happy Birthday!” I heard dad greet me with his booming voice that I love listening to. “Clary, we know we just had our call during Christmas but today is special. How is my daughter doing now?” tanong sa kin ng mom ko. “Hahaha. Thank you, Mom and Dad, actually papalabas pa lang ako ng restroom when I answered…” sabi ko tapos narinig ko pa isang familiar voice from behind them and when I saw him, I knew it is my forever arch-frenemy-slash-not-so-little-bro, “Ewwwwww. I knew it, nothing has still changed. You’re still pretty yet disgusting at the same time. Hahaha.”

“Charlie! What the – hahahaha. I love you, too, you idiot,” forever na talaga kami mag-aasaran ng kapatid ko na yun. “Thanks for the call and the greetings but I gotta get back to work,” sabi ko sa kanila. “Clary dear, magenjoy ka muna, it is your birthday,” malambing na paalala sa kin ng mom ko. “Yes, Mom, I will take a break but it will be in the next several days until the weekend” I said habang nagaattempt pa ako mag explain,” “Let me guess, you’re goin off to some paradise island to unwind?” tanong pa ng dad ko. “No Dad, but it will be something I will enjoy doing,” sagot ko. “That’s great dear, so long as you’re happy, your dad and I will just be here for you,” mom calmly said. “Yeah, and me too, right Mom and Dad? Hahaha. Kidding sis. Yeah, enjoy your day and have a blast,” dagdag uli ng kapatid ko. “I love you all, thank you so much. Hahaha. Talk to you all again later, gotta go for now. Bye! I miss you all.”

(End call)

“Wow,” I muttered to myself, “that was timing,” Naalala ko na nasa work station ko pa si Michael. So I went back to talk to him for a bit more until we went ahead to finish off our workday as we still had a lot of work to do.

I have a condo just along Dela Rosa St. in Makati and as I got there my first thought was to just relax in warm water in the tub. With a glass of wine by my tiled side table set up conveniently for moments like this.

“Not yet 30 but with just enough life history already to look back to,” I told myself. Looking back, wala pa ngang 3 years since I finished university. The warm water still slowly flowing continuously from the tap touches my legs and the water running feels good on my skin.

“Life in Massachusetts started Mina’s journey to ‘self-discovery’,” I reminisced ” I wonder when I can unleash her again?” Unleashed. That is a word that will always have special feels to it kapag naeencounter ko.

It started during freshman year and I was the new girl on campus. Though, of course, being in the states is nothing new to me, yung pagiging independent does offer a lot or privileges and freedom of movement. That includes choices I had to make.

One such choice is friends to make. In my college dormitory, I was a assigned a roommate. Her name is Jane. Also a Filipina and has almost the same background as myself and we instantly clicked. Michelle Jane Y. Salcedo. She has a pair 40b cup boobs, slim since may regular exercise siya everyday and also eats healthy food. Matambok din ang pwet at pussy niya, na kung di hindi siya maglagay ng panty liner eh madalas bumabakat sa suot niya yung camel toe. Maputi siya and has Japanese lineage. She also looks younger than her age.

“Clary, we have to get out of the dorm room and get to know more people, pati na yung guy who I exchanged glances with at the hallway,” yaya nya sa kin. “You know what, you’re right,” reply ko na excited pa. “There is a way to get to know people, Jane,” suggest ko. “We can join sororities and be part of a larger group while here.” “You don’t just mean to say na puro pang group study lang gagawin natin dun,” biro pa ni Jane.

“What do you have in mind? Tanong sa kin ng aking na excite na roommate. “Walking up to the building kanina a lot were giving out flyers about the sororities available,” I reminded her. “There seems to be a lot of people seeeking acceptance to the Sigma Epsilon Kappa. Guys were signing up naman sa Sigma Epsilon Kappa Phi,” Jane heard me explain. “Maybe they are related, maybe they even have event mixers or something,” hula ni Jane na ngayon ay hindi na matanggal ang ngiti sa lips nya.” “Let’s go down to the sign-up table now.”

So we went to the sign up table and got our instruction to go to their building at midnight. We did. Marami pang ibang lady freshers who were also led to a larger open hall by who seem to be senior ladies of the Sigma Epsilon Kappa.

Walking up to that hallway, we were asked to wear only a light, silk flowing white robe. The place was dimly lit, giving it a mysterious feel. May audio playing in the background. It was a Zen-like experience, the floor was soft to the toes, yet stable enough to make me stand and walk….