Minsan Lang Naman ‘To” Part 2

Hi Dad! Our plane lands at 8 AM tomorrow, my daughter Micah at the other end of the line. At last, after 2 years studying in California, she’ll be visiting me here in Manila.

I’m so excited honey (honey ang tawag ko sa kanya at sweetheart naman sa late wife ko), I could barely contain my excitement, sagot ko naman sa anak ko. Dad, as I told you, Lauren my flatmate will be with me…and another friend will be with us Dad, sorry I was not able to inform you ahead of time, my daughter continued. No problem honey, there are 3 bedrooms in our condo, I assured her.

Hindi ako masyadong nakatulog that night. I missed my daughter terribly. We both decided that she should pursue her studies in the US. It was a very difficult decision as it would mean being separated from each other.

I was at the airport at 6 AM! Obvious ba na super excited?! I asked my driver to drive the van. I dozed off. My driver tapped me on the shoulder. My cp was ringing. Dad!!!! We’re exiting the terminal, my daughter. I motioned my driver to go.

I got off and surveyed the huge throng of people at the arrival area. I saw my daughter and ran towards her. Without saying a word, I scooped her off the ground in tight embraced. Both of us were shedding tears of joy. After what seemed a lifetime, I put her down. It’s great seeing you again honey. My daughter embraced me again and whispered to my ear, I missed you Dad. I love you. I kissed her on both her cheeks in response.

Oh Dad, this is Lauren, my flatmate (flat, British for one level condo/apartment). Lauren approached me and gave me a tight hug with a bonus kiss on my cheek. She was stunning. 5’8″ in height, a typical young American woman, very beautiful (more beautiful than many hollywood actresses.) with a body to die for. My daughter informed me several months ago that Lauren is 26 years old.

Then I noticed a very handsome young man standing beside my daughter. Dad, this is Rich, the friend I told you about last night. I was stunned. I was expecting another girl that I no longer asked my daughter last night. My surprise was obvious. Rich extended his right hand and said, it’s nice meeting you sir. It is my first time here in the Philippines. I took his hand and we had a very firm handshake, all the while thinking whether this guy is the boyfriend of my daughter that’s why she didn’t mention anything about him.

Kinawayan ko ang driver ko para lumapit at ilagay ang mga suitcases sa van. Pumasok kami sa van with me and Micah seated on the second row and Lauren with Rich on the third row.

Micah and I were in tight embrace, sideways, habang papunta kami sa condo. We really missed each other. Dami nilang kwento about their flight, and about the last minute decision of Rich to join the trip. Their stay would only be for 13 short days.

Guys, freshen up then we’ll have brunch, I told them when we arrived at my condo. Rich, you can occupy that room and you Micah and Lauren could be together in that room, I instructed them. Dad, Micah interrupted, I’ll stay in your room like before. (Now my dear readers, wag advance mag isip. There was/is nothing sexual in my relationship with my daughter. We are very sweet to each other since baby pa sya and we don’t mind pda -public display of affection – between father and daughter. I would kill myself first if anything sexual is remotely possible to happen between us). Of course honey, I replied.

I followed my daughter to my room to question her about Rich. Micah read my mind. Dad, Rich is not my boyfriend. He is also not Lauren’s boyfriend. He’s gay! Micah declared. Huh!!?? Sa guapo at macho nya bading sya??? I exclaimed. Micah began laughing, at me, at my reaction. Sayang naman, if you introduced him to me as your bf, I would have gladly accepted him, I told my laughing daughter.

Picture this: a guy standing 6 feet, well toned body, sporting clean looking facial hair, very handsome, macho looking. Sabi nga nila makalaglag panty talaga (sorry sa mga female readers, expression lang). I was shaking my head as I repeatedly said, sayang, sayang, sayang talaga. (Confession, I was thinking of introducing Rich to both Kat and Agnes to see their reaction. That was before Micah told me na bakla pala ang machong ito. I don’t have anything against lgbt, to each his/her own. Pero sayang talaga eh, yon ang feeling ko).

Dad, Rich is a typical New Yorker gay. Macho in the outside, Micah explained further. Ok, freshen up and join me in 10 minutes, I instructed Micah. She embraced me tightly again while saying, I love you Dad. I love you too honey, and I went out of the room.

I asked a friend to prepare a mixed Filipino and American spread for brunch.

Micah was grinning from ear to ear as she saw me shake my head when Rich approached the dining table. He was wearing tight jeans with a tank top showing his broad shoulders and well toned biceps and pecs. I muttered audibly, sayang. I can’t get over the fact he’s gay hahaha.

Then my jaw dropped when Lauren appeared. She was wearing tight shorts with tight tank top accenting her curves. Micah frowned on me when she saw me oggling her friend, then she winked at me, reassuring me that it is ok to salivate on the sexiness of her friend.

We had a great time enjoying the food and the conversation. Honey, I turned to my daughter, you all rest for a while. I need to go to the office to make sure everything is in order as I won’t be there for the next 13 days. I’m not tired Dad, let me go with you. Bring us along too, chorused Lauren and Rich. Ok then, we’ll be on our way in 15 minutes.

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