My Elizabeth 6

The blissful moments never really blocked what my mind had foreseen, for I knew where Liz and I were heading. I felt there was no need to rush, even though I wanted to have her sooner than later. Yet, somehow unexpectedly, I got her response to my lingering question of whether in what other way she knew I could make her cum and wet. So, in that dim, quiet, and long hallway, Elizabeth hugged me tightly and said in a commanding yet sweet and sensual tone, “Daddy, take me to my bed…”

Ibababa ko sana siya ngunit hinigpitan niya ang yakap at kanyang idiniin ang mga hita sa aking bewang at ipinalibot ang kanyang mga paa sa aking likuran. Ayaw niyang bumaba mula sa aking pag-karga sa kanya. Pumihit na lamang ako sa direksyon na patungo sa kanyang naghihintay na kwarto.

Earlier, my heart was beating faster in anticipation. On the way to her bedroom, I could feel her strong heartbeat, too. We’re both excited as I entered her room and approached her bed. Nakatayo na ako sa harap ng kama niya habang karga ko pa din siya.

Standing in front of her bed and staring at it was so surreal. It’s a place where my dreams of abundant possibilities could happen. And as her dad, I could simply kiss her good night, tuck her into her bed, and leave: nothing would have changed, and everything could be back to normal. But I had a choice that not so many dads may ever have, and it would be foolish to let such a chance pass. So, I took it.

I lifted my left foot and placed it on her bed. With enough force, I climbed on the bed, still carrying her. Standing on the lower half of her bed, she looked at me, and I kissed her lips. Slowly, while our lips were together, I lowered my body and knelt on the bed. She slid off me, and her butt fell on the sheets. Her knees bent, and her feet fell flat on the bed, but her legs were spread apart. I then lowered myself and lay on the center of her spread legs, and my belly rested in the middle of her thighs.

Her hands were wrapped around my neck as I gently lowered her on the bed until her back completely rested, and her head fell on her pillow. I kissed her very passionately and sucked and licked her tongue. My kisses and licks again traveled alternately on both sides of her neck. After that, I slid my tongue on the whole length of her right and left clavicle. I licked the length of her collar bones and returned to her neck again, licking, nibbling, gently biting, and sucking her skin.

Sarap na sarap ang anak ko sa pag-romansa ko sa kanyang leeg at sa tindi ng kanyang kasarapan ay ibinalot niya yung kanyang mga binti at paa sa likuran ko. Her heels were resting on the back of my upper thigh. I could feel her heels dug on my thighs as she moaned, “Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, ahh, oh, ahh.”

It was her first time having someone kiss and caress her, and though she was slowly opening herself to such a new sensation, Liz indulged herself in lust and pleasure.

She eventually let go of my neck and dropped her arms to her side. She seemed to invite my attention to explore her body. I leaned on my right elbow to lift myself and opened a little space between us. With my left thumb, I hooked the bottom center of her shirt. I pulled her shirt up—tracing her sweaty skin—from below her belly to her navel, flat bone and up to the base of her neck. She even raised her lower and mid back to allow her shirt to move up freely and expose herself to me.

Her enthused face wasn’t a picture of expectation but of outright submission. She was offering her whole to me to fulfill my unworthy desires. Though she was expecting to receive pleasure, her smile told me that she was there to give, too. Even when she was a little girl, whenever Elizabeth offered me a gift of anything that she knew would make me happy, she would be excited to hand it to me. Liz had the same smile as when she was a child, ready and eager to give something so precious.

One Christmas, she made a greeting card using a cut folder, pencil, and watercolor. She wrote the sweetest message, too. She was holding me, giggling, and jumping as she watched me open the envelope. Her face was in anticipation of the joy she wanted me to feel. And while she was not giggling and jumping in bed that night when I was pulling her shirt up, it was the same anticipation on her face when I was reading her card. Furthermore, she bit her lower lip as she gave me a subtle yet very seductive grin. I fought hard to resist the urge to pinch or squeeze her because of her unbearable cuteness and sexiness.

To show how much I appreciated her that night. I kissed her flat bone and pressed my lips firmly on it. She took a deep breath when my kisses started to circle her left breast—slowly kissing and licking, sucking her skin, even moving closer to her armpit. Pero hindi na iyun kilitian moment. I moved to the other side to do the same, tracing my kisses, licks and sucks around her right breast. On the other hand, my daughter was caressing my arms and shoulders without any direction, for she was lost in the wilderness of her budding passion.

I started licking her right puffy areola, and it turned out to be the press button to turn up the volume of her sometimes faint moans, “Hhmmh!” “Hhmm,” “Hhooh!” “Hhooh!” “Hhm,” “Hmm,” “Hhmmh.”

She stopped circling her hands on me and savored the new sensation. I could not see her face but felt her head turn from side to side. Her neck arched whenever she tried catching her breath. My tongue continued tracing the edges of her areola for some time before I flicked her right nipple with the tip of my tongue. She yelped a blissful, “Oohh!

I drooled on her right nipple to wet it and flicked it slowly and longer. The sensation on her slick, sweet little nubbin seemed to have increased the volume, “AAaaH! OOooh! OOoohh!, Hhmmm!, Ohhh!…Oh, daddy.

Her tummy rose and fell in rhythm with her chest to gasp more air. When I slowly slid my tongue towards her more sensitive left nipple, she slowly exhaled and readied herself. Not wanting to be predictable, instead of licking her left nipple, I opened my mouth and sealed it on the center of her left breast.

I pressed my tongue on her nipple and sucked her breast. I maintained the light pressure of the first suck for a few seconds before I started to suck and lick her nipple simultaneously. My baby almost lost it. She held my head, with the tips of her finger firmly pressed on my head as if she was trying to dig her nails in. Her breathing switched from deep and heavy to short, quick breaths. “Oh,” Oh,” Oh,” “Ahm,” Ahm,” “Oh,” Oh,” “Hhmm, “Hhmm,” “Oh,” “Oh,” “Oh,” “Ah,” Ah….”

She was almost out of breath.

I sucked a little harder, and like a vacuum, I even pulled up and stretched her left tiny breast while my sealed mouth continued to suck it. “Ohh, daddy…ang sarap.” “Ohh..” “Oh, dad…” Her feedback encouraged me more, and I began alternating, sucking her breasts. I made sure that I gave them equal loving attention.

Her body writhed a little under me. Her hands and fingers didn’t know where to go again, wandering all over my body. They’d be on my head, shoulders, and arms, still trying to bury them on my skin. But I didn’t feel any discomfort or care about her scratches, for I was focused on sucking her nipples and nibbling her breasts. Sometimes, her hands would wander on her bed, clutching and pulling the sheets.

I was on top of her, my belly on her groin. My elbows propped my body, and my hands roamed her shoulder and arm. I kept sucking her chest. She lifted her head to watch me, and I greeted her glimpse with my eyes. We were looking into each other’s eyes while I sucked her breast. That was a very sensual moment.

With her short and shallow breathing, she managed to say, “Oh, daddy…”

I released her and asked, “You like that baby?”

“Uh-hmm!” as she nodded her head.

“Gusto mo pa?”

“Uh-hmm!” She nodded her head again in great approval.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Mm-mm,” as she shook her head in a very firm objection.

Liz was not definitely new to such sensual feelings and had obviously pleasured herself before. It’s incredible that I gave the same sensation, apparently more, as she had experienced when she did it alone.

Her chest was heaving, and she lost her composure. She could only muster a few syllables and sounds to communicate. Well, she clearly did not want me to use my tongue to talk to her at that moment, anyway.

Her head fell on the bed, and I plunged back to her chest and delicately devoured her budding breasts. I sucked and licked, sucked and licked, again and again, while her pelvis tilted up and down, and up and down. I pressed and rubbed my belly on her grinding crotch until we found a steady timing.

That was too much for her.

Her body momentarily stiffened in just a few seconds, and her breathing paused before she gasped for air. She then extended her back and neck and welcomed her orgasm to engulf her again. I kept sucking her breasts until she finished. I then crawled up and looked at her glowing face.

“Baby, I love you…”

“I love you, too dad.”

I kissed her again softly to ease the punishing sensation of her most recent climax.

“Daddy, I want to cum again, please…,” she begged with her irresistible sweet voice.

I removed her shirt completely. Though I knew she wouldn’t protest, I wanted to hear myself ask because words add to the excitement, “Baby, can I remove your shorts, too.”

Bashfully, she replied in almost a whisper, “Okay, daddy….”

I wanted to hear her say, so I said, “Okay, what, baby?”

“Take off my shorts, daddy.”

I removed her shorts, and I knew she squirted again because her shorts were more soaked. Her panty was soaked, too, and became a little transparent. I could see the trace of her slit between her legs. The forms of her pubic hair were also revealing underneath her panty.

Pero mukhang hindi pa makapal ang bulbol ni Liz.

With her shorts gone, I kissed her chest and sucked her nipples, taking my time sa pag-supsop ko sa mga utong niya hanggang sa halos puro mga halinghing na lamang ang naririnig ko mula sa kanya, “Aaah, ” “Hhhmmm,” “Oohh,” “Ohh,” “Ahhh,” “Oohh!”

Paulit-ulit na parang musika sa aking tenga ang kanyang himig ng kasarapan. Nakaka-aliw pakinggan na gustong-gusto niya ang mga halik ko sa kanyang katawan.

Umakyat ang aking mga halik sa kanyang leeg at muli kong pinag-pyestahan ang kanyang makinis na balat. Bahagya ko rin kinakagat-kagat ang kanyang leeg. Kiliti at sarap ang naririnig ko sa kanya at sa sobrang kasarapan ay napa lakas ang kanyang pag-ungol. “Ohh,” “Ahh,” “Hhmm,” “Ohh daddy!”

Pagkaranig ko nun, ay napa-gigil akong bigla kaya napa-sealed ang mga labi ko sa kaliwang leeg niya at nasipsip ko ito ng matindi. Umangat ako after ilang seconds at nagkamarka nga ang kanyang balat. Sa gigil ko ay ibinababa ko ang akin mga halik sa ilalim ng kanyang clavicle at minarkahan ko din ng mapupulang mga halik. Lipat ako sa kabila at tinadtad ko din ito ng chikinini. Tuloy lang ang aking pag-romansa sa kanyang katawan hanggang gumawi na ako ng papaunti pababa.

Her breathing became heavier again as I continued kissing, licking, and sucking her skin under her belly button. I was on her waistline. But the sound of her moans indicated that she was enjoying my lips a lot. My mouth went to her left pelvic bone, yung naka-usling buto sa top ng thighs. My heart was racing because I knew I was close to her delicate flower, but I took my time. Slowly, with my tongue, I traced her left pelvic bone to her right pelvic bone. I licked her skin from side to side and planted more hickeys on her flat belly.

She reached down and held my head tenderly as if she was guiding it, but her thighs were uncontrollably moving side-to-side, trying to squeeze and add pressure on her center, which must have been aching to be touched. I was trapped between her thighs, and literally, muntik nang ma-pompyang ng kanyang mga hita ang aking leeg at ulo ko.

I moved down a bit with my lips still attached to her. Her garter caught my mouth, and I could taste the musky drenched on her panty. I was traversing uncharted territories, and my tongue diligently wandered on her unexplored areas. My tongue crawled slowly under her garter and drew small lines under it. Her thighs pressed on and off my head as if it was her love pillow. Her reactions were a mixture of kiliti at sarap.

“Oooh, dad, nakikiliti ako…Hmm, hmm, hmm…”

I pretended not to hear and kept licking her skin. “Ohh, “Hah,” “Ohh, “Hah,” “Ohh, “Hah,” “Ohh, “Hah…” Singhap siya ng singhap at napalakas ang kanyang paghinga pagkatapos ng bawat singhap.

Like any intrepid explorer, my tongue attempted to navigate down further, but her soaked panty was an obstacle to the unknown forbidden terrain.

It was the moment of truth.

Inilapat ko ang mga thumbs ko sa kanyang magkabilang pelvic bones kung saan nakapantay ang garter na suot pa din niyang panty. Habang dinidilaan ko ang balat niya ay kinawit ko ang aking mga thumbs sa garter ng panty. Napahinto ang paghinga at pagsinghap niya, na parang bang hinihintay ang susunod na mangyayari.

Huminto ako sa paghalik para subaybayan ang kanyang reaksyon. Nang wala pa din siyang kibo, dahan dahan kong ibinaba ng kaunti ang garter. Sinimulan kong muling halikan at dilaan siya hanggang sa bumungad ang panibagong teritoryo. At dahil doon, siya ay napaliyad at huminga ng malalim.

“Hmm, dad…it feels so nice.”

I was glad to hear her encouraging reaction, and my immediate response ay bigyan pa siya ng masaganang paghalik, pagdila, at pagsipsip. At habang pinag-pyepyestahan ko ang bandang baba ng kanyang tiyan, ibinaba kong muli ang garter hanggang lumitaw ang kanyang pubic hair. Ramdam ng aking mga labi ang kanipisan nito. At buong galak naman nang aking dila na pag-larularuan ang bulbol niya.

Another dose of tickle and arousal consumed my daughter and my duty was to sustain those wonderful feelings. Tuloy lamang ang kanyang malalim na paghinga at mga halinghing kaya muli kong ibinaba pa ang panty niya hanggang lumitaw na lahat ang buhok niyang manipis.

Hindi pa ito masyadong curly at medyo soft pa din ang mga pubic hair ni Liz. Nilaro-laro ng aking labi at dila ang kanyang mga buhok at ramdam ko na talagang nasasarapan siya.

Ibinaba ko ulit ng kaunti ang kanyang panty at itinuloy ko ang pag-dila hanggang sa kanyang clitoral hood. Napadiin ang paghawak niya sa aking ulo nang dila-dilaan ko ang bukana nito. Marahil napag-laruan na niya noon pa ang kanyang tinggil, subalit kakaibang antisipasyon ang naramdaman niya dahil ang kiliti at sarap ay nagmula sa iba.

Inilapat ko ang aking mga braso sa tabi ng aking ulo para hindi ako tuluyang ma-pompyang ng kanyang mga hita. Sabay ko ring inabot ang kanyang mga suso habang tuloy ang aking pag-dila.

“Hmm, daddy, ang sarap…” “Oh, dad…ang sarap.” “Oohh,” “Hmm…!”

Passionately kissing my daughter, sucking her breasts, and licking her body was undeniably beyond fatherly love. It’s most undoubtedly unacceptable to many. But hearing her say “daddy” as I pleasured her somehow made my actions transcend perversity because she loved it. For sure, it’s an immense desire.

Eventually, I was about to pass the threshold of pure lust to the next level of perversity—to lick my daughter’s pussy.

My right hand pulled and stretched down her garter enough to expose her more. My left thumb pulled the hood and exposed the tip of her small yet engorged clit. At sa isang pataas na pagdampi ng aking dila ay napa-sabunot sa akin si Liz. I knew it was not an utterly foreign sensation to her because she admitted na nag-mamasturbate na siya dati pa.

Pero, I was determined to show her how to treat best a swollen clit. Kaya dinilaan ko ng marahan pataas at pababa ang kanyang tinggil ng paulit-ulit.

“Hmmhaaa,” “Hmmhaaa,” “Hmmhaaa…” ang a paulit-ulit din niyang daing sa bawat lapag at kaskas nag aking dila. Mahina’t madiin ang pasalit-salit na pag-dampi ng dulo at katawan ng aking dila.

She spread her legs (thus, my ears were safe) to give herself more to me. Her clit was small, so I pointed my tongue. I licked it up and down, up and down, then side to side, side to side, and delivered many strokes of figures of eight to cover the entirety of her whole tiny dome.

Kung hindi ko ipinirme ang kanyang mga hita sa aking mga siko ay maaring kung saan-saang direksyon mapunta ang kanyang balakang. Aangat, bababa, lalapit, lalayo, gigiling, hihinto ang kanyang bewang dahil sarap na parang hindi niya lubos maunawaan at makayanan.

“Ooowwhh,” “Hmm,” “Huh!” “Ohh,” “Hmmhaahmm,” “Oh,” “Wait!”

“Ahh!” “Oh, dad!” “Ohh,” “Teka!”

“Hmm,” “Sige pah!”

“Ahh!” “Ahh!” “Ahh!” “Wait!”

“Oh, dad!” “Ooowhh…”

Halo-halo talaga ang kanyang reaksyon. Sa aking naman pagdila ay sinasabayan ko ng “hmm,” “hmm…” na para akong takam na takam sa masarap na ulam. Nang mapansin kong muli siyang napahintong bahagya sa pag-kislot at kaagarang nasundan ng muling pangigilig, alam kong lalabasan siyang muli.

Sabay kong hinigop ang kanyang tinggil habang nilalabasan siya subalit pinakawalan ko ang kanyang mga hita kaya biglang niyang tiniklop ang mga ito. Kasabay ng pagsabunot sa aking buhok at pagmudmod ng aking mukha sa kanyang pundya, siya ay napa, “Ooh,” Ooohh,” “Ahhh,” “”Ahhh,” “Ahhh,” Ahhh,” “Ahhh,” “Ooh,” “Oh mhhy Ghhad! “Oh, mhhy Ghhad! “Oh, mhhy Ghhad! “Daddy…Ohh mmy Ghad!

Humihingal habang pabiling-biling at paliyad-liyad siya sa kama habang selyado pa din ng aking bibig sa kanyang namamagang tinggil.

“Oh, dad…wait,” she said and pushed my head, so I gave her a break. She lay flat with her arms extended on the bed. Her shoulders heaved as she panted.

I was past the threshold and would like to go further.

I slid my hands to the sides of her waists and hooked all my fingers on the garter. Slowly, my fingers slid down, and to my joy, she closed her thighs and lifted her bottom to let me pull her panty all the way down to her feet. I placed her soaked panty on the bed.

It was not only highly erotic but very taboo for a dad to remove his daughter’s panty. Iyun din ang unang beses na tanggalan ng panty si Liz ng isang lalaki upang siyang samantalahin. Lubos naman ang aking tuwa na akong ang unang lalaking hinubaran ng shorts at panty si Liz.

From her feet, I moved up between her legs. But after all the kissing, fondling, licking, and sucking, her slit was still almost close. Copious dense liquid glued her outer fleshy folds. With my thumb, I spread these outer folds, and her reddish, engorged, yet small minoras emerged in front of my admiring eyes.

To reciprocate this gift, I did not waste time but did not rush either. I lick her slowly, starting above her puckered anus and up to her clit. I flattened my tongue to cover all of her vulvae. I licked it lightly several times before I added more pressure. Expectedly, more creamy grool flowed from her, and I licked and ate it all.

While I recently learned about my daughter’s sexuality, I knew that girls her age are very very horny. Nang aminin niyang nag-mamasturbate siya, I had imagined her pussy would be soaked with her creamy juice.

Tinuloy ko lang ang padila sa kanya at maingat kong idinampi ang left thumb ko sa outer part ng mga labias. Sinipsip at dinilaan ang ko ang clit niya habang bahagyang minamasahe ng thumb ko ang bukana ng puki niya. Kanina pa siya sarap na sarap at lalo siyang ginanahan ng simulan ko ito. Kaya tuloy pa din ang pag-kislot ng kanyang katawan at pag-giling ng kanyang bewang habang pinupuntirya ng aking dila ang kanyang kasariwaan.

Tuloy lang ang padila habang nirorolyo ng aking right thumb at index finger ang kanyang kaliwang utong. Nilapirot ko ito ng kaunti upang tansyahin ang sakit na kaya niyang tanggapin. At dahil dito magkahalong kaunting hapdi at sarap ang pinaramdam ko sa kanya. Subalit halata na sarap pa din ang nanaig sa katawan ni Liz.

Kaya hindi rin nagtagal, muli niyang hinawakan, isinubsob, at idiniin ang akin ulo sa kanyang gitna. Ito ay kaagad nasundan nang, “Ahhh,” “Ooh,” “Oh mhhy Ghhad! “Oh, mhhy Ghhad! “Oh, mhhy Ghhad! “Oh shit! “Oh,” “Oh,” “Oh, shit, daddy.”

Damn! It has been a while since I heard her curse. She was having a good time and I was part of it, so it was fine, after all. At dahil muli siyang nilabasan, tuloy ang daloy ng katas niya.

Hindi pa siya tuluyang naka-recover pero agad kong dinilaan muli ang pagitan ng kanyang mga minora kaya’t tuloy-tuloy ang daloy ng kanyang katas na naipon at tumulo mula sa marikit niyang lagusan.

Sabik na sabik ako sa paglaplap at pag lunok sa kanyang mga likido at dito ko nalaman talaga na sobrang tindi palang malibugan ang anak ko. Tuloy ang daloy ng sabaw ng kanyang hiwa dahil sa kakadila ko. Nang minsang tumingala at minasdan ko siya, sakmal-sakmal niya ang bedsheets at naka-extend ang kanyang leeg sa sobrang kasarapan.

Tinutukan ng aking dila ang kanyang clitoris habang marahan kong ipinasok ng kaunti ang aking middle finger hanggang sa unang guhit nito. Napaliyad si Liz sa aking ginawa. Alam kong isang daliri lang ang ginagamit niya sa pag-mamasturbate. Kasabay ng marahang pagdila sa kanyang clit, ay marahan ko ring nilabas-masok ang aking daliri.

“Oh,” “Hmm,” “Oh,” “Hmm,” “Feelssoogood,” “Oh, my…” “Oh” “Hmm…”

“You like that, baby?”

Para siyang napurnada ng tanungin ko siya. Napahinto kasi ang pagdila ko.

“Hmm, Oh, dad…don’t stop.”

Sunod naman agad ako sa utos niya.

“Hmm, yan daddy…keep going…oh, ooh.”

Nang ibalik ko ang ritmo ng aking pagdila at pag-daliri, hinawakan niya ang aking balikat at tinapik-tapik ito. Inaabot niya ang aking braso at kamay. Gamit ang isang kamay, hinawakan ko siya, at sabay hila naman niya dito papunta sa kanyang dibdib.

Gusto niya din palang magpalamas ng suso.

Lahat ng ito ay bago sa kanya. Kahit noon pa man, maski nang mas bata pa siya, lahat ng bago sa kanya, katulad ng damit, laruan, o kagamitan, ay kanyang labis na kinasasabikan. Kaya gusto kong ma-enjoy niya nang husto itong mga bagong kakaibang karanasan.

Tuloy lang ang pagdila at pagdaliri ko at sinabayan kong lamasin ang mga suso niya. “Ahh!” “Ahh!” “Ahh!” “Owh,” “Owh,” “Owh,” “My Ghahhad,” “Daddy!” “Ahh!”

Lalong nag-secrete ang madaming krema habang labas-masok ang daliri ko. Tumulo ito hanggang sa puwet niya, at sa sobrang dami, nag-mistulang mala-Baldos ang harap ng kanyang butas. Sabay-sabay ang lamas, dila, sipsip, at pag-finger hangang sa mag-simulang manginig ang kanyang mga hita. Ramdam kong lalabasan na naman siyang muli.

Kasabay naman ng kanyang orgasmo, nilapirot ko ng kaunti ang kanyang utong. “Ahh” “Ahh” “Oh my Ghahd,” “Shit, dad, shit, shit, shit…” “Ah, Ah…” “Tang-ina…oohh!

Hindi na ako nagulat sa pagmumura niya at lalo ko pang ikinatuwa dahil nagawa kong pasarapin ang mahal kong anak ng todo-todo. Ang sarap din ng pakiramdam na ako ang unang naka-pagdulot sa kanya ng ganito uri ng ligaya. Sana, ako na din ang huli. Hindi yata ako matatahimik habang ako’y buhay kung ibang lalaki ang mag-papasabik at mag-papaligaya ng ganito sa aking napaka-gandang anak.

Matapos niyang labasan ay ibinuka ko nang husto ang mga hita niya, at habang hindi pa lubusang humuhupa ang orgasmo niya, dinilaan ko siya sa kanyang ari, hanggang sa kung saan kayang abutin ng dila ko.

“Uy,” “Uy,” “Oh, dad!” “Oh my…” “Oh my God,” “Shit dad!” “Ang sarap talagahh.” “hmm,” “hmm,” “hmm…” “Uhmm, grabe!” “Hmm!” “Ohhh!”

Hindi na ako nagsalita baka mapurnada na naman siya kaya tuloy lang ang pag-laplap ko. Ang sarap ng lasa ng puki ni Liz. Sobrang sarap, talaga. Para akong nahilo sa kalibugan dahil muli akong nakatikim nang ganitong kasariwang dalaga. Gising na gising ang aking diwa kaya maski hanggang umaga ay puwede ko siyang kainin.

Ngunit, si Elizabeth na rin ang umawat sa akin. Alam ko na nasasarapan pa din siya pero napagod talaga ang baby ko. Hinawakan niya ang aking balikat, senyales na gusto niya akong lumapit sa kanya. Gumapang ako at tumabi sa kanyang pawisang katawan.

Wala na siyang panty pero hindi na niya tinakpan ang sarili niya. Nakalislis pa din hanggang sa leeg ang kanyang t-shirt. Nakakalibog pagmasdan kapag nakataas lamang ng ganito ang t-shirt niya. Ako naman, dahil tinanggal ko na rin ang t-shirt ko kaninang nasa bandang ibaba niya ako, naka-short at boxer na lamang ako.

I grabbed her closer to me and cuddled her. She placed her head on my chest, and I caressed and fixed her disheveled hair. I kissed her forehead, but she offered her lips. I kissed her as she softly moaned while she recovered from her climax. I’m happy just being there beside her. I looked around and was inside her mysterious and forbidden room. However, in the end, I realized it was not the room I thought was mysterious and forbidden. It has been my Elizabeth. My desire for her was forbidden, and her room symbolized my yearning for her young and luscious body.

Damang dama ng balat ko ang wetness niya sa ibaba. I pulled her chin and kissed her. We played with our lips and tongues, not torridly but still passionately. She’s still somewhat exhausted from her strong climaxes. At ng idinantay ni Elizabeth and kaliwang hita niya sa akin ay nadampi naman niya ang naka-usli sa shorts ko.

“Dad…you’re still hard.”

Sa isip ko, nasabi niya na “still hard,” kaya alam ko na kanina pa niya alam ito. Sabagay, sa hallway pa lamang ay nagkaskasan na kami at naramdaman na niya ito kaya nilabasan na din siya dahil sa katigasan nito.

We both looked down, and she stared at my peering penis, fastened by my garters. She stared at its head, na nangingintab sa pre-cum, and her eyes were surprised to see an erect penis for the first time. But even though it was her first time seeing an erection, she knew precisely then and there what an erect penis was for and what it would like to do.

Slowly turning her head to face me, she looked me in the eyes, and her loving eyes gave me that implied approval. I have dreamed about this possibility almost every day for the past years. While that moment was surreal, and right there with me was my daughter, who has been my greatest fantasy, I am still her father. My paternal love for her suddenly overwhelmed my seemingly unrelenting perversion.

“Are you sure, honey,”

She hugged me and said, “Opo, dad.”

Whenever my girl wanted something for me, like kung gusto niyang mamasyal or pabili ng ano mang bagay, malambing siya at “nagbabait-baitan.” Bilang ama, alam ko naman na minsan ay bino-bola niya lang ako, subalit iyon ay ayos lamang sapagkat gustong-gusto ko naman siyang pinag-bibigyan. Hindi naman maluho ang anak ko at halos simple lamang ang mga gusto niya, kaya lagi ko siyang pinagbibigyan. Subalit na-iiba ang aming gusto sa isa’t isa sa oras na iyon.

“Sweetheart, I’m still your dad.”

Napatingin muli siya sa akin parang nagtataka at parang nagsasabi na “Okay ka lang?” (Para niyang sinasabi na ito naman ang matagal ko nang pangarap at bigla akong uurong).

Pero malambing naman niyang sinabi na, “Dad, kung ano-ano na ang pinag-gagawa mo sa akin…” (“at ngayon ka pa titigil,” and maaaring kasunod ng kanyang salita).

“I love you so much anak, gustong gusto kita pero ama mo pa din ako.” Sinabi ko ito maski, tigas na tigas pa rin ako. Gusto ko talaga pero napaka-precious niya para kunin ko yung isa sa pinaka-mahalaga sa isang dalaga.

“Someday, you’ll get married, diba?

Alam ko yung mukha niya kapag hindi interisado sa isang bagay.

“Hmm, maybe someday.”

“Ayaw mu bang ibigay mo sa kanya yung…after ninyong ikasal.”

“I know, but I love you, dad.”

“I love you more anak, but you’ll fall in love and find a husband someday.”

“I will give myself only to the one I love.”

“Tama yung nga…you love me pero sa number one mo lang dapat ibibigay nang buo ang katawan mo,” ang sagot ko naman habang pinag-mamasdan ko siya.

“But I don’t know if I could love someone more than I love you.”

Napasinghap at nagfreezed ako ng saglit nang marinig ko iyon. Gusto ko na siyang i-higa at patungan that moment. Pero, nauutal kung sinabi, “ayaw mu bang magka-boyfriend muna? Bata ka pa…”

“For what daddy, para pag-praktisan lamang nila ako.”

“You’re beautiful. I have no doubt that a boyfriend will cherish you.”

“Puwedi pa din niya akong iwan.”

“Then you’ll meet someone who deserves you.”

“Tapos magsasawa ulit sa akin.”

“Diba sa mga movies and shows, there are happy endings.”

“Those aren’t real, dad.”

For a while, I wonder why my daughter turned cynical about love and life, but I guess it’s because our family itself was broken. Though civil yet, broken.

“Please don’t compare what happened between me and your mom.”

“No hindi naman dad. I’m saying this with sober thoughts…daddy, walang forever.”

I agreed with her. I know (but maybe not all) that everything becomes mundane after the honeymoon phase or after a couple has been together for a while. In the end, some people live together not as a loving couple but as a mere partnership to raise children and support a household.

Then she added, “with you dad, it won’t be the same as others.”

I knew she’s right because I love her not only as a father but also as a lover. Kaya ang feelings ko sa kanya ay intensified and our lives won’t be ordinary.

But still, I asked, “It will be different from others, anak?”

“Yes, cos I know you’ll never leave me.”

My heart melted because now I’m sure she knew exactly that I would never leave her for another woman or girl.

“But someday, when I grow old, I will be gone, honey.”

Then, so tenderly, she said, “I’d rather lose you someday than lose someone whom I never had true love.”

We both became emotional, and I hugged her tightly. Though I was still brimming with lust, my love for her overflowed.

“Liz, honey, I’m happy we understand each other; other people will not.”

“It’ll be just you and me, dad.”

I was still aware that the situation was peculiar and would have to hide our relationship.

“I’m always here for you, even if the world thinks this doesn’t seem right.”

“What if the world is wrong? Why is something so tender and wonderful between us wrong?

Beside me is the object of my lust and love. I couldn’t ask for more. This time, my daughter reached for my lips and kissed me. Our kiss felt as if it was always the first time. She crawled on top of me, straddling my body. I pulled her shirt, she raised her arms, and I removed her shirt completely. She’s now fully naked on top of me on her bed.

Her kiss became a little more aggressive and passionate. It seemed she learned quickly and started to suck my lips and nibble them. She seemed to imitate my moves and kissed and licked my neck. When she moved down to kiss my neck, her nakedness touched the protruding part of my penis, and her clit rested on it.

My daughter knew that my left nipple is sensitive so while she’s kissing my neck, she played with my nipple with her fingers. God, grabe ang sarap. Ginawa sa akin ng anak ko kung paano ko siya pasarapin. Isa siyang tunay na kasintahan. Sinusuklian niya at pinapadama sa akin ang sarap na ipinaranas ko sa kanya. Pinapalibog pa ako lalo ng anak ko. Ako na ngayon ang napapa, “Haa,” “haa,” “Hhaa,” “Hhaah!”

So sobrang tuwa ko ay hinila ko siya pataas para makipaghalikan muli. Sa pag-hila ko, sumakto tuloy ang tinggil niya sa ulo ng ari ko. Tuloy naman ang paglalaro niya sa aking kaliwang utong. Hinihimas himas ko rin ang kanyang likod at nang haplusin ko at sakmal-sakmalin ang kanyang butt-cheeks siya ay napa, “hmm…!”

Labi sa labi, dila sa dila, tuloy lang kaming nag-pasahan ng matamis na laway. Nilabas ko ang aking dila at sinupsup naman niya ito. Mula naman sa kanyang puwetan ay gumala ang aking kaliwang kamay at bahagyang ipinahid ko ang isang daliri sa kanyang kepyas. Napa-liyad siya ng kaunti at napadiin ang kanyang bewang sa akin. Nasarapan siya. Nakasakto pa din ang clit niya sa ibabaw ng erection ko. Nilaro-laro ko ang kanyang bukana, at tuloy din ang pag-kaskas ng bewang niya sa akin.

Tuloy lang ang banayad naming halikan habang nag-eenjoy siya sa pag-rub ng clit niya sa titi ko. Maya-maya, gamit ang kabilang daliri, ipinahid ko ang katas niya sa kanyang pwet at napasinghap siya, “Ah,” “Oh!”

Pinaikot-ikot ko yung daliri ko sa puckered hole niya at talagang nagugustuhan niya din ito. It’s the first time that someone did that to her ass pero dahil nasasarapan siya ay hinayaan niya lang ako. May tiwala siya sa akin.

Gamit naman ang kabilang daliri, hinipo at pina-ikot-ikot ko ito sa kanyang hiwa.

Sabay kong nilaro ang kanyang pwet at kanyang mga namamagang minora. At dahil dito, napakalas siya sa paghalik at napa-ungol siyang muli, “Hmm,” “Ohoooh,” “Oh, daddy,” “Oh.”

Sinabayan niya rin ito nang mas madiin pang pagkaskas sa akin. Kaya lalo siyang nasarapan dahil sa sabay-sabay na sensasyon mula sa kanyang pwet, kepyas, at tinggil ang umatake sa kanya. Sinabayan pa ng bewang ko ang pagkaskas niya kaya nilabasan muli ang anak ko.

“Oooooh, my God, Aahhaaah, daddyyy…”

Sunod sunod na “Oh my God,” ang nasambit siya before siyang mangisay sa ibabaw ko. Pagkatapos, inilatag niya ang mukha sa dibdib ko dahil sa sobrang hingal.

“Are you okay, anak?”

Sumagot siya ng mahina na parang kakabalik lang nang kanyang nawalang ulirat.


“It feels good?”

“Oh…it, it, felt sooo, good, dad…”

Hinawi ko ang kanyang buhok para matanaw ang namamawis at medyo namumulang mukha ni Liz.

“You’re wonderful, anak…”

“Oh, dad…ang sarap nun…”

“Gusto mo pa, mahal?”

Humihingal pa din siya ng kaunti dahil sa pagod pero nagawa pa din niyang mag-summoned nang malambing na ngiti at malumanay na sagot na, “Opo…”

I reached her anus and pussy and started to fondle them again. Ni-rub niya muli ang kanyang clit sa penis ko ng marahan. Ilang saglit lamang ay unti-unting bumibilis ang kanyang pag-kaskas kaya unti-unti ko rin binilisan ang pag-ikot at ng aking mga daliri sa dalawa niyang bukana.

Basang basa pa rin siya. At ng unti-unting dumidiin ang pagkiskis ng pelvis niya ay unti-unti ko rin idiniin ang presyur ng mga daliri ko. Sina-sabayan ko lamang siya para sundan ang tempo niya at para lalo siyang masarapan.

“Hmm, daddy…” “Hmm sige pa…” Sige pa dad…” “That feels, soowh ghoodh…”

Idiniin ko yung lubricated kong daliri sa tikom niyang pwet at bahagyang pumasok ito. It felt that she fully trusted me for her to allow what I was doing, so I buried my finger a little bit more.

“Ooh, “ooh,” “ooh…”

She’s savoring the new sensations, but I didn’t want to go further. Instead, with my other hand, I inserted my middle finger slightly between her labial folds, and I simultaneously slowly fingered her holes.

“Ohh shit, dad!” “Ang sarrapph…niyhahnn.” “Haah,” “haah,” “haah…”

I kept finger-fucking her, burying my fingers deep enough, but not too much, to bring her more pleasure. I didn’t want to ruin her ecstasy by reaching down to her still intact hymen. As a consequence, her vaginal discharge kept flowing on my fingers. She then moved her hips faster and grinded her crotch on me while my fingers moved in the same rhythm. Because of this extraordinary sensation and pleasure, my daughter became lustful and obscene.

“Oh, shhit…daddy. “Ayan na…” Ayan na…” “Oh daddy, shit ang sarap…” “Lalabasan ulit ako,” “lalabasan ulit ako…” “lalabasan ulit ako…”, “Ayan na shit…” “Tang-ina dad.” “Hindi ko na kaya…” “hindi ko na kaya…” “hindi ko na kaya…” “Uuugh!”

Lagpak siyang muli sa dibdib ko pagkatapos manginig ng katawan niya. Nakapikit siyang humihinga ng malalim. Hinihimas himas ko ang kanyang likod at minamasahe ko ito ng bahagya. Para kong inaaruga ang isang bata na kakatanggap lang ng bakuna. Ganon siya noong maliit pa. Todo, iyak siya kapag i-injeksyonan siya ng nurse habang naka-kandong siya sa akin. Iiyak siya at hahaplusin ko ang kanyang likod hanggang makatulog siya sa pag-kaka-karga ko sa kanya. Kaya maski ganito na ang nagawa namin ni Elizabeth, hindi ko pa rin syempre ma-aalis sa isip ko ang kabataan niya.

Pero, hindi siya lubusang nakatulog pagkatapos niyang labasan. Minulat niya ang kanyang mga mata at tumingin sa akin.

“Sorry dad, napamura ako.”

“Ok lang baby, alam kong nasasarapan ka.”

“That’s my first time to feel all those pleasures. It’s so good dad.”

“I’m glad that I made you feel that way.”

“I’ll try not to swear…”

“It’s ok, that’s part of it. Mas gaganahan ka. Sa totoo lang ginanahan din ako…”


“Oo, mas arousing.”

“Parang nga…nawawala ang inhibitions ko.”

In my mind (I knew it!)

“Take your time anak. Enjoy, let yourself get carried away with the new sensations.”

“Grabe, dad…”

“Well, you had orgasm before naman, when you masturbate.”

“That’s different dad. This is…”


“Definitely…and I’m glad I shared it with you.”

“Me, too Liz.”

Kinilig siya habang nag-tanong, “So, I’m your wife?”

“And I’m your husband.”

She’s exhausted but still giggled.

“But more than anything else, you’re my daughter.”

“Yes daddy, I will always be your little girl.”

With all the love and tenderness, I still get horny knowing full well that she’s my daughter. I will never have these f…