Tempted [The Story]

I was going to see John the second time – that’s about 10 months since we met in March and four months after intense regular communication. Intense! Yes, that’s how I describe it. I woke up to his messages. As soon as I got to the office, I’d open chat first before I opened my work email. We texted as if there was no tomorrow. On my way home, I never noticed the heavy traffic because we were busy texting.

We talked about everything and anything. But all were sensible – mentally arousing. We got so hook with each other’s wit. We argued – sweetly! Our minds connected. We were two being separated by distance but very much linked by our minds. It’s just like our brains were intertwined, like two brains in one.

So imagine the excitement when I learned about his trip to Manila. He said that he’s going to see me – oh to pick me up from the office. Then the excitement turned into anxiety. What if he didn’t really remember me? What if that person he thought he met was not me? What if he only liked my wit and the woman he thought who was charming and pretty was only his imagination?

I made sure that I was beautiful that day we were going to meet. I also smelled really good. I don’t know but he preoccupied my mind. I felt like a teenager going on a first date.

I waited for his call. He sent a message saying that they went straight to MOA. I asked trying not to sound extra excited if he were coming to the office. He said he will try but he may not make it because he was with his friends. I felt so disappointed. Imagine the excitement for days only to end up with ‘I may not because I am with my friends.’ But I told him that it was okay and that I didn’t mind.

That night, he kept texting and insisting that he comes to my house. I didn’t agree. I told him that he lost his chance to see me. He again apologized and promised to see me the following day. He said that he’ll pick me up from the office and that we’ll have lunch. I agree but I tried not to be very excited this time.

I slept soundly and dreamt of him.

It was my first time to ever dream that way. Call it pornographic dream. I saw myself nude in my dream – nude with him in bed. It was vivid. Our bodies were entangled, intensely in heat.

I saw how he toyed with my nipples, how he licked them – oh, he did it so well. I could feel him all over me.

We wrestled in bed. Our bodies were going into a very smooth yet intense motion. He kissed me – his tongue into my mouth. He sucked my tongue. It was so intense. It was a dream, yes but it felt so real.

I woke up hugging my pillow. I realized that I liked it. I bathe humming a happy tune. I felt young and beautiful. Honestly, I wished to actualize the dream. I never had that sexual intensity with anyone before. But I dismissed the idea. I didn’t think it was right. Not because I was married. It’s getting cold anyway. But because I didn’t think he would even think of it or entertain such thoughts. Not him.

But again, I wished it were true.

I bathed longer. I touched my nipples like the way he touched them in my dream. I closed my eyes and again imagined him caressing me. Ah, if only we could spend even just one night together.

I was at work earlier than usual. I wanted to finish work early so I can have more time with him over lunch. I kept checking my phone. I got his first message at 9am.

“Hi, Ms. Beautiful. I kept thinking of you last night. See you later.”

I replied: “Wrong sent!”

He texted back: “Why? It’s for you Ms. Beautiful Manager! Kiss you later…”

I was shocked. I know he would joke a lot even asking the color of my underwear but this time, it sounded real. Ah, it could have been the effect of my dream, I thought. I tried to dismiss it, but the thought preoccupied me. I giggled imagining how he would embrace me and kiss me when we see each other.

At about 11:15, he texted saying that they were already at McDonald ‘s and if I could meet them there.

“They?”, I asked myself. I felt disappointed.

Why “they”? So what about my ‘kiss’ then, I thought. Still, I went to meet them. About fifty meters away, I saw him. Oh, I felt my heartbeat doubled. I didn’t know if I would proceed or not. He looked even more handsome. I admit, I fell for him 101% at that moment. If he would ask me to undress right before him, I would do it without any hesitation.

I was in that thought when I noticed him looking my way. Before I could move, he was already in front of me.

“Hi, Ms. Beautiful!” I was speechless.

All of a sudden it felt like it was just he and I. Then he hugged me and kissed my hand. I could only look at him.

That’s when I noticed another man behind him. He introduced him as Jun, his classmate. He said that he insisted to tag along to make sure that his friend is not making any foolishness. Then we laughed.

“So where do you want to eat?” I asked.

“Anywhere. We are not familiar with Makati,” came the answer.

We walked to a Japanese restaurant in the next block. I remember that in one of our chats, he mentioned that he likes Japanese food.

I sat across him and Jun. He did not take his eyes off me. (Or so I thought.) Each time, he would wink at me and smile. I wanted to melt but I kept my composure. Or at least, I pretended that I was not very interested.

When food was served, he was quick to assist me. I don’t know if he intended it but he touched my hand and held it for a couple of seconds. I think I blushed. Jun laughed and told me not to take it seriously. His friend, he said, does that to all women. I didn’t know if I wanted to get irritated at Jun or at John. But I wished Jun was not around.

I was drinking my juice when I felt something on my leg. I could not be wrong. Someone was touching my leg with his foot. I looked at John and he winked. He sort of admitted that it was he touching my leg. He moved it higher until it was already touching my upper leg, well, between my thighs. I was in dress so it was easy for him to do that. I tried to shake his foot but he looked at me as if to tell me not to react. I was an obedient accomplice.

When Jun went to the toilet, he winked at me and said, “Hi! Do you like it?” I was speechless. He moved beside me and placed his hand on my lap and pressed it. “May I visit you tonight?” He whispered. His eyes on my cleavage. Before I could answer, Jun was back. We transferred to Starbucks for dessert. Jun had coffee. He asked for water and only shared my cookie. Once in a while he would jokingly ask Jun, “Bagay ba kami?” To which Jun would answer, “I thought she was married.” I found myself saying “I’m virtually separated.” John was quick to reply, “So puwede!”

Jun had to excuse himself to answer a call. John took advantage of it and asked, “So ma’am, how’s your sex life? Don’t you miss it?” I only smiled. But I wanted to say, “I don’t but if you offer, I’ll gladly have sex with you.” Then I remembered my dream.

They walked me back to the office and took a cab to Espana. He kept texting on their way. He insisted to see me that night. I did not ag…