The Visitor, Finale

The following morning I was up and out just as the sun was starting to peek out. The barrio was quiet except for the roosters. This time of year, the farmers didn’t have to get up quite so early. I washed and tried to do something with my hair, something to disquise the stupid pixie haircut mama ko always gave me. It would make me look like a little girl forever, or worse, a little boy… with my skinny body. How I wanted long beautiful, luxurious hair like other Pinay!

Anyway time was important, and I couldn’t waste any. I threw on a fresh flowery cotton panty, a pair of plaid shorts, and a simple spaghetti-strap top that I usually wore as an undergarment. I topped it off with a pair of yellow rubber flip-flops from the bargain bin at the market. There was no point in putting on any special clothes. For that matter, I didn’t have any even if I wanted to. I was hoping what I had would be enough. My heart raced as I ran to the secret spot, the intersection of the two paths.

I waited and waited. It seemed like an hour but it was probably only a few minutes. “He’s not coming today”, I thought. I was disappointed. I felt like I could not live any longer without that guy’s dick in my mouth. I shivered at how naughty (and sarap!) that thought was. Just then, I heard his running shoes hitting the dirt. I dropped to my knees in the center of the path and waited.

Soon he was before me! My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest!

“We have to stop meeting like this” he said with a smile.

I looked up into his green eyes and returned the smile. We stood there looking at each other awkwardly for a second, then I noticed he was going to step around me and keep going, just like yesterday. I couldn’t bear that again! Impulsively, I reached out and rested my hand on the bulge in his running shorts. And what a bulge it was!

He was startled for a second, but he didn’t move. He looked confused while I tried to look confident. He looked around and then looked back down at me again. Without a word, I lowered his shorts to his knees. My chest hurt! I was in a daze but I knew it was now or never.

“I – I can’t….” he stuttered.

Silently, I ignored his words and grasped the band of his undies and pulled them up and over his already hardening cock. And what a beautiful cock it was! It sprang up before me and I lowered his undies to his shorts. Before I could even think, I grasped it and boldly planted a kiss right on the head. I had never seen a grown man’s dick, and it was larger than I expected. I wondered for a second how he ever kept it in his pants wthout it being so obvious? My hand barely fit around it. It felt awesome! So hard, but yet soft to the touch. Kind of squishy, but firm just the same. I stared at it, moving it around in the air and looking from all angles, even underneath. I lifted his balls with my other hand. They were warm… and heavy! I decided I liked this!

My panty was becoming wet and my nipples were poking out. I had butterflies in my tummy. I had thick saliva and an odd taste in my mouth. My hands were trembling as I held him. I began to lick. It kind of came naturally to me, and I was emboldened as I progressed. His body movements indicated to me that I was doing alright, and it spurred me on. I licked down the shaft until my tongue was on his scrotum and his cock was resting on my face. I turned my head to the side and his wonderful dick popped up towards my ear as I nibbled and licked his nuts.

“Uhm…wow… well, ok-k” he said. He was as astounded by this as I was. He grabbed my head in his hands as I licked up the shaft and opened wide. He helped me by moving my head closer as he thrusted his hips forward. And just like that… I was sucking his dick!

“Ow! Teeth!” he said as I felt him flinch. I curled my lips slightly under, not wanting to make that mistake again.

We soon picked up a mutual motion, him pumping and me bobbing up and down, back and forth. There was nothing objectionable about this, I loved it. He smelled musky, sweaty but in a good way… A man smell, so naughty and delicious. There was no taste, really, maybe a little salt.

I loved the way I felt in control of this man… the way I am holding him by his fucking cock and I could make him do anything right now. I never felt control over anybody in my life!

He reached down with one hand, inside my top, and began to feel my titties. I looked up…