Uling Girl

The man was in the back of his car, working on his laptop. Abruptly, the driver stopped for traffic. The man looked out the window and into the eyes of the girl. She was sitting on a pile of charcoal, making small pieces out of big ones with a large chopping knife. She was filthy, her clothes were little more than rags and what he could see of her skin was blackened with charcoal. The man noted her eyes, there was something there. Just then, the vehicle began moving and the man went back to his work.

The girl had a hard life. She was sold to her current owner many years ago as a small child. At first, she washed the owner’s clothes. The owner and his wife beat her until she learned how to do it to their satisfaction. Later on, the owner fucked her at night, and not gently either. The owner’s wife pretended not to notice but then she would beat her the next day. Worse, lately they made her do the worst job, bagging charcoal for sale. And worse yet, the owner’s son had taken to fucking her at his whim. And when it couldn’t get any worse, the owner’s son’s friends began fucking her too, especially after drinking. Sometimes they took turns, and sometimes 2 or 3 of them would do it to her at once, choosing which hole they wanted and going at it. The girl obeyed and submitted to whatever they wanted from her, because inside she was almost dead. She no longer cared what happened to her.

The next morning the man returned. He bought the girl from the owner. The owner had grown tired of her and was happy to get some money in exchange. The girl followed the man and got into the black car when the driver motioned. The man sat up front with the driver, the girl sat alone in the back. She had no idea what was happening, but whatever it was, for now it was better than sitting on a pile of charcoal.

They arrived at a gate and the driver pushed a button. The gate opened, and they went inside. The girl had never seen anything like this before… it was beautiful! A manicured lawn, a big house, flowers, plants, a fountain. She was amazed. The inside was even more impressive. She was greeted at the door by two older females in uniform, and they ushered her through the house. They led her to a very large, luxurious bathroom. The two women removed her dirty clothes and led her into a sunken bath. The water was warm and circulating, there were bubbles. The girl, once again, was amazed. But even more shocking, the two women disrobed and entered the bath with her. Using brushes and sponges, the two women washed the girl, every inch of her body. Next, they shampooed her hair and conditioned it. Then one woman started on a manicure while the other placed the girl’s feet on the ledge of the tub and began a pedicure. The girl relaxed in the bubbling water, closing her eyes and pretending all of this were her’s… the car, the house, the tub… all of it. She slept soundly for the first time in years.

When she awakened, the two women, still naked, helped her up out of the bath. They did her hair and they lotioned her body. Then they laid her back against the tile, gently spread her legs apart, and cut the hair from her pussy with scissors, followed by warm foam, and a gentle shave. Her little pussy was now smooth as silk. One of the women applied lotion to it, lovingly rubbing it onto her vulva and mound. Taking her time, the woman continued to rub long after the lotion had penetrated her skin. The other woman sat on the ledge, her back against the tile, and the girl leaned back onto the tummy of the woman, with her legs open as the other woman rubbed. The first woman massaged her breasts as the other rubbed her pussy. Soon, skilled fingers found the girl’s clit and continued down, past her pee-hole and into her pussy hole, where she picked up moisture, returned to the girl’s clit, and used it to lubricate the rub. The girl’s freshly shaved pussy was so sensitive! She could feel the cool conditioned air hitting it as the woman moved her hand about. She could feel something building up inside her tummy, and a metallic taste began to form inside her mouth. Not knowing what was happening, she just laid there and enjoyed it. It wasn’t cutting charcoal, after all!

In a few minutes the pressure was intense. Woman number one was holding her firmly from behind, and cupping her titties. Woman number 2 was still expertly rubbing, then paused for a second and re-positioned between her legs. She spread the girl’s labia open and buried her face in between… licking and sucking the girl’s clit. It was enough… the girl arched her back and literally gushed from her pussy as waves of tension and release hit her like never before! Ahhhhh…..

The girl relaxed, her body went limp in the arms of woman number one. After a period of rest, the women helped the girl up and into the shower where they rinsed her pussy with a hand-held nozzle. Then they dried her off with huge, white fluffy towels. They led her to the bedroom and dressed her in satin lingerie and directed her to lay on the bed, right in the center. It was a huge bed with many pillows and silk sheets. The ceiling fan above provided just enough chill. the women lit candles on each nightstand and left the room, dimming the overhead lights. As they passed through the doors, the girl heard a woman say, “siya ay handa”.

In about ten minutes, the door opened. The man entered and approached the bed. He dropped his robe on the floor and climbed onto the bed… and kissed her. It was a romantic kiss, deep and passionate. The girl had been kissed by several guys, of course, but they weren’t really kisses. It was more like a force of mouth and tongue making her submit. This was different, this was really a kiss. She could feel her pussy and nipples tingle as the man kissed her. Soon, the man’s weight was on her, holding her down underneath him bu…