Ang Intern (Part 1)

I work in the medical field and have been a member for quite some time happily reading stories shared by our fellow members. Tonight I decided to share a story of my own.

This happened way back circa 2011 when I was still working in a private hospital in Manila. Let’s call the girl Chase. She was an intern back then early 20’s petite around 5′ 1 white fair complexion and cute face. I didn’t notice her before when she was still a junior intern because they only spend a week in our department. But when she took her senior internship at the same hospital dun ko sya napansin. It all started when she teased me in the ER. Back then I was dating a different girl at the hospital. Apparently nakita ako ni Chase na hinatid yung girl sa hospital when I dropped her off sa parking lot.

Chase: Si doc tatahitahimik lang pero nakita kita, may hinatid ka sa parking kanina

I just smiled. I thought to myself, who is this girl feeling close ah even if we didn’t have any form of conversation before. So I looked into her a bit. Only child coming from a well off family pala. Back then, a fellow resident from another department was courting her.

That incident started everything. I secretly stalked her in social media. Tinutukso tukso ko sya via private message about the resident courting her appearing uninterested. We would regularly chat via pm only. I didn’t get her number because I was into another girl back then. We eventually exchanged numbers pero puro friendly banter lang. I never asked her about personal stuff and vice versa. We would occasionally bump into each other sa hallway pero puro hi and hello lang. Since she drives her own car, I would suggest to her good car wash places that I regularly go to. One night, while I was having my car washed, I remember recieving a text from her after work.

Chase: Doc ano gawa mo?
Me: Nothing much, nagpapalinis lang ng car. Ikaw?
Chase: Bahay lang, tambay mode. Katamad nga e
Me: Ganun ba. If you want, we can hang out. Nagdinner ka na ba?
Chase: Di pa nga e
Me: Sige dalhan na din kita dinner para di ka magutom. Just text me directions to your place.

I bought some sushi and maki for her since mukhang sosyal si intern. B…