Kantutan Lang

John and I didnt end up fucking each other. Pag hahawakan ko dick nya after awhile papatanggal nya kasi daw madali syang labasan. Sya din me suggestion na patayin ung TV para madilim. Parang puno sya ng insecurities. At some point, Id like him to give it up. Pero sino ba ako?

Hindi din kami ngoral sex, and its my choice. For me the deed should be done when youre comfortable enough with your partner. He tasted my juices though. He begged to taste it and I refused saying there will still be another chance.

The climax came the morning after. I woke up and I found him embracing me. Some can relate to my dilemma of intimacy versus isolation. And his skin on my skin. HIs breath on my head. My cheek on his arm. My hand on top of his manhood. That for me is orgasmic.

As I listened to his snores, I caught a glimpse of him and me touching ourselves secretly in the bus on the way to Baguio. HIm banging me on top of a kitchen counter. Him bringing his lovable Jodie (a pug) in the condo that’ll stand as a witness to two persons union. I imagined him guiding my head on his shaft on the way home (he is driving an automatic car). I snuggled close to him as I felt the excitement.

Half the way home, he reached for my hand. I told him to just drop me off in SM fairview. We separated with his awkward peck on the cheek. He said, txt txt na lang. Un e kung mgttxt ka.” I txted him as soon as I got home to tell him im home safe.

I promised myself this will be my last casual sex. And to John… I could’ve given you your fantasy of threesome. I could’ve sucked you dick and drank your cum. I couldve let you fuck me in different positions you havent even imagined. I couldve done this anywhere, anytime..as you wish. But you were just like all of them when you asked me if we could be fubus. YOu should know I wouldnt want more from you. But a friendly conversation or a shared laugh. I could’ve wanted to get to know you better. But you failed me….

“all a girl needs i just one guy…one guy…that will be brave enough to prove to her that not all men are the same. “

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