Love You Pre, Pa Kiss Nga IV

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We eventually had to get up. I was the first one to break. Isang mahigpit na yakap, halik sa ulo, sabay dalawang tapik sa likod nya to signal to him na babangon na ako.

Kinuha ko yung towel na nakasabit sa me cabinet ko, sabay pasok sa banyo para maligo. Before going in, I looked back at him for just a brief moment, and then closed the door. I stripped my clothes off sabay pasok shower cubicle and then turn on the showers. A minute or so in, I heard a knock. I thought it was probably something urgent kase…well, just because you wouldn’t normally disturb someone unless it was urgent, right? I rinsed the suds off my body hastily and then gingerly binuksan yung pinto and hid behind it. Roy was there just standing, looking away from me, a little red.

Tinanong ko sya, “What?” Hindi pa din sya tumtingin sa’kin. And then his face looked down, and his eyes looked up towards me.Pucha, pagka-cute naman nito chubby na to.He was blushing. “Pweding pasabay?” He asked me, sabay lunok. Napangit lang ako ng todo. Sya naman, sobrang pulang pula na. He looked away from me, still looking down. I stepped back from the door and let swing open.

“Tanggala ka. Akala ko naman kung ano na.” I just exposed myself to him. He looked up at me. I can see his smile through his eyes, his lips were pressed to a thin line, pilit na tinatago ang ngiti nya.

He started walking inside the bathroom. I stepped back as he was stepping in. I noticed he was looking at my face, being carefull not to tilt his head down. I smilled at him, tumungo ako and look at my body, and then I moved my eyes back to him. He averted…