Spa Sessions: Vip 3 – Part I

“Jon, it’s just a regular spa! Nothing funny happens there and it’s 100% legit. Even girls go there! I’m fine, I promise. I’m just the receptionist. I’ll see you tomorrow for lunch. Yeah, love you too. Mwah.”

Weng ended the call and looked out the window. Of course, it wasn’t a regular spa. It was a place where, for a few bucks, horny men can relax and be satisfied.

Weng had stopped college after two years. That was a year ago. Whenever her friends would ask, she would always be ready with her response.

“I’m taking a break to see my other options because let’s face it, we really can’t apply the things we learn in college in real life so why bother?”

She gave a sad smile as she remembered her own words. They didn’t have money, that’s why she stopped college. She just couldn’t live with herself if they knew what kept her out. Weng was her block’s public relations officer and was part of the cheerleading squad. Pretty, popular and smart. And in a school where image is everything, she couldn’t keep up with the one she was showing.

Her boyfriend of one year, Jon, was just an accessory. Varsity basketball player, part-time model and all-around dumbell. If this was the movies, he’d be the token jock. They looked good together, sure, but beyond the good looks and great pictures, there was just nothing between them. He wasn’t even a good fuck.

Today was going to be just like any other day she’s had for the past eight months. Report to work at 12. Exchange flirts with men of all shapes and sizes. Count the money. Take a break. Repeat everything. It was no bank job but she got paid, nonetheless.

“Good morning, Weng! Aga mo ngayon ah.” greeted, Elmer, the ever sweet roomboy.

“Hi, Mer! Oo nga eh, walang traffic sa C5. Nandyan na ba mga thera?”

“Si Colleen pa lang at si Pearl. After lunch pa daw dating nung tatlong newbie. Ganda ng hair mo ngayon, Weng.”

“Sus, parang hindi ako nagpo-ponytail. Init kasi! Sige, check mo na lang mga room kung maayos. Nabanggit ni Maya na mahina daw aircon sa VIP 2.”

“Yes, ma’am ganda!”


Weng sat on the chair and put down her bag. She fished a mirror from inside and looked at her reflection. A lot can happen to a girl in a year. Go…