The Bad Girl: Epilogue

The Bitch. That’s what people used to call me. I really don’t mind. After all, everyone has a past. And I happen to have a rather interesting and colorful past.

I was the woman everyone loved to adore and loathe. I was who everyone wanted. I was the object of their fantasies.

I had everything: wealth, popularity and most of all, power.

Love? Who said I needed love? I scorned love. It drives any sane person to madness.

It wasn’t until I met Sherwin Xu that everything changed. I had this unexplainable happiness inside me. I never knew a bitch could feel this way. Was it love? I didn’t know. All I knew was that I felt happy and carefree with him. Yet, I was a coward. I could not bring myself to admit it and say it to him.

I kept it. It was my little secret and I lost him.

For years, I went back to my old ways, my old self: Reina Yang, The Bitch.

But somehow, I had this emptiness inside me. I longed for that certain time when I was happy, happy to be myself, to bare my whole being without being judged. I was looking for the missing piece of the puzzle of my life. In more ways than one, I longed for him, yearned for his presence. I missed him.

Finally, we met again. I was ecstatic, but once again, I hid it. He had changed. He wasn’t the dorky guy I fell in love with. He was now more than a man.

However, he wanted nothing from me. All he ever cared about and wanted was revenge, to bring Reina Yang, the Bitch, down.

He was successful. He had hi…